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Speech Writing | PRprompt


You have to deliver a strategic speech in front of your business partners? Or a motivating one in front of your employees? Or you have a special public event? You have absolutely no time to sit down and work on your speech?

After the briefing, we shall add more ideas, make further research for you  and write your speech for you with all rhetoric and stylistic devices.

Also to deliver a speech needs to be learned!

A well written speech is still not yet a well spoken speech. Therefore: In case you would like to learn how to deliver a motivating speech, we coach you! Our method is based on speech-coaching competence.

Already after 2-3 hours (gladly also via Skype) you will notice the difference by yourself. By the way: Everybody can learn the art of delivering a speech … providing he or she wants to learn it!

Your result will be worth listening to!